EchoFeed Help

What is EchoFeed?

EchoFeed is an RSS feed cross-poster. It reads RSS (and Atom and JSON) feeds then sends new posts to other services like Mastodon, for example.

Who is EchoFeed for?

Anyone who wants to automatically do something with new posts from an RSS feed. See the list of services to see what EchoFeed can do.

I previously made Echo Classic which is a self-hosted solution that worked well for me for quite a while but isn't very user friendly to setup, which is why I made EchoFeed. EchoFeed also has more features than Echo Classic like multiple accounts per service and image uploads.

Echo Classic will still be available but will not be getting any new features.

What does EchoFeed cost?

See the pricing section on the EchoFeed website for pricing information.

Does EchoFeed send a specific user agent when crawling feeds?

It does. EchoFeed fetch bot;

Who makes EchoFeed?

Me, Robb Knight. I'm a developer and podcaster based in the UK. You can find out more about me on my website.

I need help with something that isn't answered here

Reach out to me on Mastodon or email me . I'll do my best to reply quickly.