EchoFeed Help



EchoFeed has a concept of "Echoes" - each Echo consists of a feed, a service, and some output configuration.

For example, if you wanted to post every movie review you post on Letterboxd to Mastodon you would have a feed (, a Mastodon service (, and some output that might look like this:

{{ custom.letterboxd.filmTitle }} ({{ custom.letterboxd.filmYear }})
{{ link }}

{{ content:plain }}

Which, when sent to Mastodon, would send as:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

Remember those games that Mario was in? Well it’s also here. For 90 minutes. That I’ll never get back.

Update Speed

For a free account you can have one echo which is fetched every 15 minutes. For EchoFeed Pro accounts, you can have unlimited echoes and those are updated every 2 minutes.